Airlie Stud

Stables at Airlie StudAirlie throughout the years has built a reputation of producing honest, sound horses who can compete at the highest level.  In the early years when it was under the management and ownership of Captain Tim Rogers, it was largely a stallion farm and had up to fifteen stallions at any one time at various stud farms.  However, more recently under the management of Sonia Rogers and her son Anthony a decision was made to concentrate entirely on breeding due to the long held view that sourcing prospective stallions was becoming virtually impossible.  One of the most important factors at Airlie is quality rather than quantity.

Both Airlie and Kilmacredock occupy prime limestone grazing land of North Kildare, well drained fertile soil produces a long grazing season and the water supply from the same land is high in essential calcium, vital for the development of young horses.

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